Our Fall Patio with AE Outdoor

Our Fall Patio with AE Outdoor

Today I’m sharing our fall patio with AE Outdoor!!

Fall is my favorite for many reasons and its also a very busy time for the Cadwallader family! Two kids with different school schedules, basketball starts, I get busier with work and keeping the ship running, and this year D started a new job that is demanding. We need those moments when we can relax and reconnect.

Lately, it’s been date nights at home. It’s interesting with a home in the middle of a renovation!! There aren’t too many places to feel at ease. With the weather so gorgeous, we decided to seek relaxation outdoors and it was AE Outdoor to the rescue!

We have a lovely small patio with a small stream and pond. It’s the perfect place to set up an outdoor room. I selected the AE Outdoor Williams 8-piece Sectional. It’s a sectional you can arrange to your liking and the dimensions work for a small patio like ours.

It comes with a table and two pull out stools that I just love. The kids love to sit by the fire with the stools when they are out with us. They double as extra tables when you need more table top space, or use the cushions and they are another place to prop your feet up.

Our cozy fall patio with AE Outdoor

This has become our fall “date night” ritual. Once basketball practice is over and we are home for the day, the kids unwind and I set up a little something special for D and I out here. Nothing elaborate– just drinks and a snack. I think it’s that little extra effort that creates an environment that invites you to relax and strike up good conversation.

Our fall patio with AE Outdoor

Our fall patio with AE Outdoor

Our fall patio with AE Outdoor

Our fall patio with AE Outdoor

Our fall patio with AE Outdoor

Our fall patio with AE Outdoor

The hardest thing about this sectional is it is a struggle to want to get up! It’s so plush and when you cuddle under a blanket by a fire it becomes fall perfection.

AE Outdoor makes quality outdoor furniture in my humble opinion. The basket weave is heavy-duty and the frames are strong and can withstand the elements. All the cushions are extra plush and made with Sunbrella fabrics. It’s a little more than what you’d pay at your local big box retailer, but it is worth the little extra for the comfort and durability. That’s just my opinion. I’ve had cheaper sets and they don’t last very long at all and the cushions usually don’t make it past a season.

You can see the Williams 8-piece set HERE or visit aeoutdoor.com to see their entire selection.

Keep up with them on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, AND GOOGLE+ to get the latest on sales and new collections.

Now the natives are getting restless…one found us or he just wants our food.

Our fall patio with AE Outdoor

I think our date night turned into an impromptu bonfire and snuggle with the littles night.

AE Outdoor provided the Williams 8-piece Sectional featured in this post. All images and opinions are 100% mine. 

I wish you all a lovely fall weekend!! 

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