Christmas Room Tour | Preparing for Holiday Guests

Hi friends! Today, I am taking part in the Christmas Room Tour hosted by Chris of Just a Girl. Have you been following along this week on other blogs? It’s been so good! This tour is a little different from the other tours you’ve seen me take part in here because it is just one room. Chris asked each of us to share just one room decked out for the holiday, I was sooo on board! I thought, I can totally do that, low-stress, count me so in!

Christmas Room Tour hosted by Just a Girl

If you are coming over from Marian’s at Miss Mustard Seed, welcome, welcome! I am so happy you are here! She’s so talented, isn’t she?!!

I’ve been sharing my Christmas home on the blog for a bit now…like before Thanksgiving…

B@H mantel and treeChristmas Home Tour

Soooo, today I’m sharing a room that doesn’t usually get much play…at least on the blog during this time of year…our bathroom. Christmas-y, right? (don’t leave, ha,ha!) I promise no bows on toilets or anything!

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

I adore all aspects of entertaining and hosting guests, so I actually really look forward to sprucing up our bathroom every holiday season. It’s the perfect time of year to refresh this space…because, let’s face it–a lot more people are going to be using it!

I was raised to always give your guests your very best. Hospitality is so important in our every day and especially when we are opening up our homes to family and friends this wonderful time of year. I thought I’d share a few ways I just spruced up my bathroom for guests during this holiday season.

Welcome to our holiday bathroom…See-eee! No toilet bows.

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

We just renovated this space at the beginning of the year, but I wanted to add in a few new things to freshen it up. One thing that is not lost on our family or friends is humor. We keep good company, wink, wink!

I had to…

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom: art from Artfully Walls

Shop this art here: Artfully Walls

I live in a house of all men and little men in training…what can I say…it seemed appropriate!

Tip #1 add in some art that is a conversation piece. It will make your guests giggle!

Now, taking our gaze below the new art…

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

Tip#2  Address that potty! Your guests will want that air freshener, especially after all the holiday foods. Make sure it is easy for them to find. On top of your toilet on a tray is the perfect spot. I just stocked up.

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

Tip #3 Add in some festive greenery. I found this little potted cedar at the grocery store and he was just the perfect little festive touch for the bathroom I mixed in some miniature ornament bulbs to add to the spirit. Keep this little guys alive and you can plant him in the yard come spring!

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

Tip #4 Get some new linens. Check out your shower curtain, bath mat, towels, etc. It’s also a good time to get a new shower liner if you need one. I like to make sure my guests have new hand towels and bath towels. Just buy a couple new of each. I picked up the black towels for overnight guests to use. Our monogrammed hand towels still looked great, so no need to replace them yet.

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

I also picked up a new bath mat. This one is memory foam and oh-so cushy underfoot.

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

Tip #5  Make the sink-side ship-shape! If there is one time of year to splurge on the blooms that would be holiday time. Not a bloom buyer? Well, hosting Christmas is a really good excuse to grab a bouquet. Flowers in the bathroom are just sooo pleasant. You know when you go to a nice restaurant and they have fresh flowers in the ladies?! It just makes you forget, for a moment, that you just used a public bathroom! Same effect, promise! Your guests will love it.

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

Tip #6 Make it smell good. I do a quick cleaning (even if I don’t think it needs it again) before guests arrive, just because the cleaners I use smell amazing!  Murchison-Hume Original Fig Scent–check them out, you will thank me. No time to clean again? Just get a good scented candle. It adds to the holiday vibe.

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

Tip #7 Get the fancy soap out. I love to have options…maybe that’s just me. Do you know some people prefer a bar of soap over a liquid hand soap? My Grams is all about the bar. I offer both to my guests and yes, put out a new bar. No one wants to use the old dried up one.

Tips for preparing for holiday guests in the bathroom

Tip#8 Put it all on a tray. Hand soap, hand lotion, perfume, etc. It adds order and it’s like a little clue. Your guests will look…Where’s the hand soap? Where’s the lotion? Oh, it must be on the tray. Ha. And, just for fun I added a couple of ball ornaments on the tray…it’s Christmastime after all!

Other tips worthy of note: 

Tip #9 Keep extra rolls of teepee in the bathroom. No one wants to ask for another roll or be left in a compromising position… if you know what I mean.

Tip #10 Have a lidded trash bin next to the toilet. Lidded…the way to go.

So, there you have it! Our bathroom is ready for holiday guests. Oh, and just because I couldn’t leave you without a beautiful Christmas tree photo…

Here’s our tree…not in the bathroom…

Christmas Home Tours

Be sure to visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality next on the tour! I can’t wait to see her room…

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