Weekend Reading

Hello! I’ve been having a lot of fun these past few days, dropping off gifts for friends, celebrating at a few holiday related events, and last night I saw The Force Awakens and loved it! #nospoilers

This weekend is refreshingly void of activity, just one holiday open house to attend tomorrow and a few presents to wrap. I’ll have just a few more posts this month but for the most part I’m settling into the idea of a restful winter break for the last two weeks of December surrounded by twinkle lights and good cheer.

classic christmas suzanne kasler

Favorite links:

I love the classic Christmas decor in Suzanne Kasler’s home.

The prettiest wooden bead garland.

Forever timeless: marble and brass.

How great are these newborn onesie shots?!

Food and drinks the oldest people in the world swear by.

Fun and festive: these bright cotton lights.

This looks like a fun way to move around town.

Ten places where anyone can learn to code.

Helpful texting & iMessage tips and tricks.

And my latest at Lamps Plus: Decor for creating the perfect reading corner.

Have a lovely weekend friends!!

~ Kate

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