The DIYs & Sources of #BabyDocsPeachyNursery


#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

This nursery was such a great project. Some of my favorite elements in the room I had in mind from the beginning, yet had trouble sourcing. They suddenly fell into place on the day of install – like that adorable floating shelf! It must have been the pressure of deadlines.

#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

A few things were for certain from the beginning, like the rug, the bedding (sheets, bumper), and the swan blanket.

#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

The floating wood shelf was a life-saving find. At first we were looking for something white, but the wood finish on this shelf complements the side table perfectly. I had to do some convincing to keep it, as an all white furniture room would just be too stark and flat. A few pieces of wood add instant warmth. The mobile is a DIY (more on that below), the ballet slippers are the client’s, as she grew up a dancer. The giraffe print is from my favorite nursery art source ever. We wanted to hang the large scale bunnies, but $$$$$. We also used a pair of copper bookends to corral a couple books, and a wanderlust globe Zano let us borrow for the shoot. So bummed these aren’t available anymore! But some creative folk sell similar ones on Etsy.

#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

One of the DIYs I’m most proud of is this wood & mirror mobile. I picked up a few packages of wood pieces of various sizes and shapes, and a couple packages of small round mirrors, at the craft store. Using a hot glue gun, some clear jewelry elastic string, and thin wood dowels (also found at the craft store), I made this adorable mobile. It took a minute (more like 3 hours) to figure out the best way to balance everything out. My recommendation is, start from the bottom. I didn’t realize this trick until I was two hours in. Ha! The things we do for DIY…

#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

Book storage is key in any nursery. I anticipate their storage needs will grow. That’s the thing with having a kid, the need for storage seems to multiply exponentially, but for now these copper wire wall baskets meets the need for storage, and cuteness of course. The copper garland was on clearance at Target a few months ago. I put two strands together, and in hindsight should have bought more. The garland was a lot shorter than I thought.

#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

Another fun DIY is this wall hanging! I didn’t get a full photo with the wall hanging (bad blogger!), we hung it on the wall right beside the door. As I was finishing it, my husband said it looks like a prom dress. Hilarious. And now it’s all I can see. But anyway, I dig it, and am a total fan of weird woven wall hangings. I used a bit of metallic ribbon in the upper fuchsia section, which didn’t quite translate to photos. Anyway, take my word, it’s quite fancy in person.

#babydocspeachynursery | brittanyMakes

The curtains are Ikea. Who doesn’t have a pair of Ikea curtains? These are great, they’re grey with a bit of texture, and are blackout thick – perfect for a nursery! I did have to hem them myself. I just plopped my sewing machine on top of that wood table and sewed the curtains while hung. The white pom trim was a game time decision. I thought the curtains needed a little something extra. I had an extra spool of these white poms, and hot glued them on the spot. And finally, the coveted copper curtain rod! It comes in every finish imaginable, and is extremely affordable.

Well there you have it! If I missed anything, leave a comment below :)

Copper lamp (now available in silver!) // Moroccan pouf (The Vintage Rug Shop, coming soon!) // side table (2-drawer version also available!) // blush planter // curtains // cantaloupe velvet pillow // navy rocker // abstract art



Article Source: The DIYs & Sources of #BabyDocsPeachyNursery


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