Yorba Linda Shutters

Yorba Linda shutters from Villa Blinds are 100% Basswood Shutters from Onyx Shutters.  Today we want to show off our Job of the Week Install in Yorba Linda and offer a design using a single panel and split hidden tilt.  Many products only allow for a 30 inch width, which would require 2 panels for a 3 foot wide window.  The stile running through the middle of the window will block a lot of view and look rather busy.

Look at the video below to see how great a single panel looks from the outside, as well as from your interior.  Then we used a SPLIT HIDDEN TILT, which allows tall windows the ability to control the top louvers  from the bottom louvers.  And we are showing the hidden tilt, which eliminates the standard  Tilt Bar .

Yorba Linda Shutters

Yorba Linda

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