Los Angeles County Shutters

Los Angeles County shutters are beautiful Plantation style shutters from Villa Blind and shutter.  We have been serving the residents of Los Angeles for twenty years, we call it our Red Carpet Service.  We maintain a 97% customer satisfaction in Los Angeles County, because our staff has experience in all aspects of shutter manufacturing, design and customer service.

Villa provides Free In-Home design consultation, we refer to this as the Shutter Design process, where we educate our customers on material choices, frame choices and installation particular to your windows.

Today’s article shows off a recent installation of Onyx shutters in Los Angeles and has a few design choices to help you learn about shutters.  See the video below to see a huge Sunburst style shutter for Arched Windows.  A sunburst starts the louvers from the middle like a fan.  The other option is keeping the louvers Horizontal, which is the preferred way if the window arch is connected to the rectangle window.  (see the photos below)

We hope this helps you understand your choices with Arched windows.

Los Angeles County Shutters

Los Angeles County ShuttersBasswood shutterShutter samplesShutters sampleShutters samples

Please give Villa a call today (951) 847-7708, or contact us using  this Form.

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Article Source: Los Angeles County Shutters


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