Norman Shutters

Norman Shutters has just won two top WCMA Awards for innovation Design for their new 180 Bi-Fold Shutter.   Until now the tracks themselves kept a panel from being able to fold off the patio door 180 degrees.  Watch the Video below to see how great this new 180 Bi-Fold Shutter operates.

Another great feature of Norman Shutters is thier very popular Engineed Wood shutter, the Woodlore.  It has a lifetime warranty against paint peeling or warping, because frankly, it isn’t painted, it has a Coating.

Villa Designers have years of experience with Design and installation of Norman products, and this year Villa will become a Certified Dealer.  We even participate in their M & I Program, where a Norman Certified Installer  will Final Measure and Install, if needed.

Learn More About the Woodlore Shutter from Norman.
Norman Shutters

Woodlore_1Norman Shutters045615-modified

Villa Blind and Shutter sells and installs all of the Norman Shutters, including:

  • Woodlore
  • Woodlore Plus
  • Normandy
  • Brightwood
  • Teakwood

Learn More About Faux Wood Blinds

To get a Free In-Home estimate of Norman’s full line-up of shutter products, as well as their Award winning blinds and shades, call Villa today at 951-847-7708.

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