Inspiration for #ProjectMyKindaKitchen

It’s been tough keeping my blog schedule in line with the renovation, but let me tell you, #projectmykindakitchen is moving right along!

My first meeting with the client was to scope out their current space and talk to them about their wishes and woes.  I went home and immediately started brainstorming. I created a shared Pinterest board with the client, and we started pinning away, my suggestion was – pin anything you find inspiring! Anything at all about the kitchen you like, it doesn’t have to be a kitchen you want to replicate in it’s entirety, but if you like the cabinet color, pin it! If you like the open shelving, pin it! The purpose was to gather a sense of my client’s style and taste. We all know how difficult it is to describe, or even put words to, spaces we like. Pinterest has made it so much easier to share and explain our own styles. It’s visual, compelling, and during this process it’s so much easier to pin point a common theme or style so that both client and designer are on the same page.

Below were the top twelve inspirational kitchens –

#projectmykindakitchen inspiration for kitchen remodel

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

I noticed a lot of common elements in the kitchens pinned:

  1. farmhouse sinks
  2. two toned cabinetry
  3. whites & greiges
  4. shaker style doors & drawers
  5. subway tile
  6. marble
  7. silver hardware

Additionally, every kitchen pinned was open, airy, clean, and bright. The farmhouse feel was prevalent, but still somewhat modern. We definitely had our jumping off point. I delivered two varying design boards to help them further decide and visualize what style combination they like best.

Greige kitchen inspiration


Grey kitchen inspiration

The first pass is like to test and push a few limits, like the herringbone backsplash or the white appliances.  What I’ve noticed is a lot of folks are hesitant to select something that’s out of their comfort zone, or something they might tire of in a few years. With the herringbone pattern, while it’s totally timeless, it also hints trendy, and although I would throw a herringbone pattern on any tile (as I did in my bathroom!) I can understand how it feels risky to folks. And with the white appliances, there is a perception that white appliances (think old refrigerators) are builder grade and dated. Stainless steel will always be a universally acceptable appliance finish, and is exactly what my client preferred when finalizing the design plan.

We made some edits and tweaks, and finally landed on this –

Grey & Carrera marble modern farmhouse style kitchen

Being practical and smart homeowners, the client opted for white quartz counters and Carrera marble subway tile backsplash. I think it’s a wise choice. As much as they wanted Carrera marble as their counter top, I always tell folks, no one will care for your counters as much as you do. If you don’t go into it knowing you’re going to be pampering your counters every day, you’ll regret choosing marble as your counter top. The maintenance is unreal. And while I don’t regret the counter top choice in my own kitchen, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.  Quartz is remarkably durable and pretty much indestructible, perfect for a growing, active family. I’m glad they chose it!

Next up, the kitchen layout and demo work! Time to get real!



Article Source: Inspiration for #ProjectMyKindaKitchen

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