Dilemma with my Bathroom Lights

Black, white & walnut bathroom with black faucet & brass sconces // brittanyMakes

You might not ever guess, but I battled major internal conflict over the light bulbs in our bathroom.  The gold tipped bulbs weren’t in my original design plan, and neither was the mirror for that matter. I wanted a brass trimmed round mirror flanked by skinny-Edison-bulb-filled sconces. Sadly, during the renovation I realized given the width and placement of our vanity, a round mirror and side sconces would not fit. The largest round mirror we could fit was 24″, and it looked really off scale and odd (trust me, I tried!). Also, I realized this too late as the electrical was already done for the sconces.

Hindsight is a beyotch.

If I could re-do it today, I would install one ceiling pendant like this one (similar to what Amber did here) or an over-the-mirror sconce (like this one), so I could have my round mirror. I love that thin profile round mirrors are more readily available now. Last year, there were like 2 on the market in my budget, and both were the wrong size.

ANYWAY. I still like what we did, I just think it could have been done slightly better. I could remove the sconces and hang a round mirror large enough to cover the electrical parts, but I’m not ready to have that argument with my husband, lol!

Back to the bulbs. I originally ordered these skinny Edison bulbs for the sconces, which are pretty neat and actually photograph SO well, not to mention helps the space look tall and airy. What you can’t see (or feel, I should say) in photos is the heat that radiates off of them, and how big they are in real life! They can literally give you a sun tan.

Edison Bulbs or Gold Dipped Bulbs? Two bathroom lighting options

Family and friends thought I was the weirdest person for having these bulbs in my bathroom. I’m usually thick skinned when friends/husband/company tease my design choices (they don’t know!), but this time I think they were right. It was days before the party we threw for Zano’s first birthday, and I swiftly ordered these gold dipped light bulbs as a replacement. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle 50 people giving me ‘the look’!

Black, white & walnut bathroom with black faucet & brass sconces // brittanyMakes

I’ve kept the gold light bulbs in place ever since, but I don’t love them. I’m thinking of replacing them with these faceted bulbs, or maybe these diamond shaped bulbs. What do you think?

PS so sorry for the website issues these last two days. Fingers crossed all is resolved! 


Article Source: Dilemma with my Bathroom Lights


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