Finishing touches on our Backyard

Backyard Peek

It was about this time last year when my husband and I started planning our backyard renovation. Our backyard used to be a dirt wasteland (you can check out all the before photos here) and desperately needed some love.

We completed all of the hardscape and turf, just a day before our deadline. We were throwing a big one-year birthday party/house warming and it was probably the first time our extended family had seen our house. The deadline was self-imposed, but it totally helped with decision making, and just getting things accomplished that we had been talking about for months.

While the hardscape was finished in the nick of time, we ran out of energy (and budget) to finish landscaping the perimeter and adding the fun al fresco stuff like a dining table and chairs.  Now that winter’s over, I’m ready to put the finishing touches on our back yard. Here’s what I’m thinking:


Modern Fresh Patio Design // brittanyMakes

string lights / chairs / pillows (coming soon) / shade flag / white planter / black planter / concrete pot / stacking chairs / outdoor table / ottomans


Article Source: Finishing touches on our Backyard


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