Weekend Reading

Happy weekend everyone! I meant to post yesterday but I was rushed off to a dinner with friends and kept up late playing Mexican Train, have you played it? It was my first time and so fun! Today I’m excited for the first game of the NBA playoffs, we’re big Warriors fans so we’re rooting for the team, they’re so amazing to watch! Tonight I’m taking the kids to see The Jungle Book and tomorrow I’m headed to San Francisco for a lunch date then I’m off to my brother’s house to photograph his bathroom remodel and I hope to have pictures to share on Monday. It’s a full weekend!

Thanks for all the love on the IKEA bathroom makeover earlier this week, I’m really excited to be partnered with them on another project I’ll be featuring this summer. IKEA was kind enough to feature my Billy to built in project from years ago in their most recent Sustainability Guide, alongside several other creative IKEA Ambassador’s projects, check it out here.

 ikea guide

Favorite links:

Emily’s studio windows. Love!

This tiny house loft is so clever.

I want to take to the sea in this charming restored boat.

A kilim rug really makes a difference.

Love bold color? Check out Kyle Schuneman’s new pieces.

Hooray Inky!

Eating like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Must have! Miniature tree houses for houseplants.

My latest at My Colortopia: fresh spring paint projects.

Enjoy your weekend!



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