The Benches are Stained!

Floating benches - Before

I’m happy to report, the benches have been sanded & stained! The only task remaining is sealing, but I am letting the stain cure a little bit. I spent literally the entire afternoon yesterday working on this side of the backyard. Last weekend I worked on the other half. No workout will make you more sore than 4 straight hours of sanding. I think my hands have finally stopped tingling, thank goodness.

Floating Bench - Before

This is what happens to wood when you don’t seal it before the season changes. So stupid of me, I knew better but never carved out time to do it, then the sun and rain over the last year bleached them out. GRR.

benches sanded

Modern Backyard with Floating Benches

Here’s a happy GIF for ya 🙂

Modern Bench Backyard GIF

What do you think of the stain color? I’m on the fence, but no way am I sanding that beyotch down again. I didn’t have a scrap piece to sample off of, and I had used a version of the stain mix we used in our sunroom and thought it would turn out similar. It’s slightly different, a little darker. The floating benches are made with redwood while our sunroom benches are made with fir (I think). Whatever! Anything is better than sun bleached wood in my opinion.

growing cactus garden

OH, and look at the growth on my cactus! He’s only been planted for 3 weeks, and the only one that looks to be growing.  I hope the others are as happy 🙂


Article Source: The Benches are Stained!


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