Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday! It’s been a crazy month so far but in a good way! I signed up for a May fitness challenge at my local studio where I workout (kickboxing, cycling, etc.) and yesterday I clocked 25 classes in 20 days, I’m exhausted but proud of myself and I feel amazing! Last night I attended such a fun concert with a friend in San Francisco. We watched a very talented musician Bernhoft and danced to his music during the performance, what a great show it was!

Tomorrow I’m headed to Las Vegas for a few days to oversee a few projects happening with the flip house, I’m having the windows measured for the new replacements and the luxury vinyl plank flooring has arrived, plus there’s a new patio installed in the backyard where grass used to be, I’ll be sharing all about those projects soon.

 branches console art

Favorite links:

Soooo much prettiness in the OKL San Francisco studio.

An comprehensive source guide for cement tiles.

I love these paper plants!

100+ inspiring ideas for patios (I’m #53).

Essentials of becoming a better cook.

“Old fashioned niceties” that deserve a comeback.


Have a great weekend!



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