Modern Chinoiserie Room Plans

I’m sharing my latest project I’m working on today and the inspiration behind it. I have been working on a DIY project and Modern Chinoiserie Room Plans for our bedroom. I’m also sharing some news…

Modern Chinoiserie Room Plans via Bliss at Home

Here’s my design board for this space to give you an idea of the direction I am going with this little refresh. These are the items that are inspiring me for this room. I love chinoiserie chic rooms and that wallpaper in the photo is by Walls Republic. It’s perfect for the large-scale DIY I’m doing.

Something about summer makes me embrace color more boldly in our home. Does anyone else go through this? I’ve noticed a pattern with myself and how I approach our personal interiors. In the winter, I start to pare things down after the glitz and glam of the holidays. I want to have simpler, fresher surroundings. Then, when spring comes I want a little pop of color. By summer, I am ready to go big and bold. Then in fall, I want warmer, earthy tones. Then, it starts all over and anything goes once the Christmas season is here. And in true form, the cycle starts all over again every year! I guess it is some sort of interior seasonal disorder! I blame it on the change of the seasons and being in an industry that I see too many things that inspire me!

I’ve been thrown a bit of a curve ball with our home plans. Pretty much everything we were going to continue to work on here is now on full stop and we are getting our home ready to list. I know, it’s unexpected for me too.

It’s been pretty stifling for someone loves to design spaces. I thought maybe I would just help friends and attack that list of people in the area wanting consultations and design help, but then I realized I wouldn’t be able to commit to any timelines for projects because we have to move this summer and I don’t know dates or anything yet. Ugh. It’s design purgatory and I am its latest inhabitant.

So, in the meantime I’ve rearranged my living room UMPTEEN times. That can only quench the design hunger so much, let me tell you!

As I was going through our basement and my stash of materials getting things boxed up, I saw some wallpaper that I was going to use on another project. Yes, one that I can’t do anymore because of the move. Pleasantly, it completely sparked my creativity and I decided I could use it on something we can take with us when we move.

I realize that is quite a lengthy explanation, but that is how all this came about.

So, I’ve been working on my DIY that will be great for all you renters out there too! I’ve sourced and ordered some pieces to work with the new design plans. Everything I will be happy to take with us for the next house. It’s felt really good to be working on something again after the crushing blow of the inevitable move. I actually am pretty excited about the move in general, but it crushed all my plans I had in the works for our current home.

Also, you may notice the blog has a brand new look. I am still working on getting some things loaded and tweaked so bear with me as I update and get things done. I needed to get a site layout and design that is capable for some upcoming endeavors and I love having the homepage now too. This site design is much more user-friendly for all of you and is able to grow with me so it was worth it. I am also working with a designer on a new logo and branding options which has been a really fun experience.

I’ll be sharing more on this Modern Chinoiserie Room project soon…

Have a fab Monday!

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