12 Best Bathroom Shelves


12 Best Bathroom Shelves // brittanyMakes

I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit searching for the perfect shelf for our bathroom.  It’s the last element it needs to officially be “complete”. I wanted something simple, with quirk. Something that would stand out just a little bit, but also coordinate perfectly with the other elements in the space. I ordered a handful of different options, but returned them as they weren’t right for one reason or another. Turns out it’s a lot easier to pick the wrong thing than it is choosing the right one. Why is that?

Sources: one – marble shelf // two – wood & copper hanging shelf // three – copper floating shelf // four – brass geometric shelf // five – brass & glass shelf // six – Mid Century shelf // seven – A-Frame shelf // eight – hanging shelf // nine – wood diamond shelf // ten – floating wood shelf // eleven – brass L shelf // twelve – wood L shelf

xo, Britt

Article Source: 12 Best Bathroom Shelves


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