Baby Bump Update #1

16 Week Bump // brittanyMakes

I announced a couple weeks ago, we’re preggo with baby #2! I hit the 16 week mark this weekend, and thought I’d share what I’m currently experiencing so far with this pregnancy.

While I was pregnant with Zano, I never felt one ounce of morning sickness. This time around, I experienced more nausea in the beginning mainly in the morning if I don’t eat something fast enough. The nausea has waned, but I still feel it now and again.

I had an extremely tough time, emotionally and mentally, with the weight gain in my first pregnancy. After having lost it all (it took about a year to fit comfortably back into pre-pregnancy clothes), I’m more confident in my abilities to do it again after this pregnancy. I’m less fixated on the weight gain, and more fixated on doing things that make me feel great – like continuing to go on runs, and wearing dresses instead of pants! I swear my butt grows the same rate as my belly, and jeans just make me feel bad about myself, but wearing a dress not only makes me feel cute and put together, I’m overall less stressed about my appearance and celebrating more that I’m carrying a little bitty baby.

I hated nearly every minute of being pregnant the first time, mainly because of the weight thing I just mentioned, and didn’t really stop to enjoy or appreciate the special moments. This time, I really want to appreciate every moment. We don’t know if we’ll have more kids after two, so if this is the last time I’m pregnant, I want to appreciate it as much as I can.

I’ve been experiencing more food related things this pregnancy. I’m adverse to ANYTHING I ever ate before being pregnant. I would much rather make a mango smoothie or eat a bowl of kimchi. My poor husband, there have been a few times he’s had to fend for himself because all I wanted to eat was a big bowl of spicy pho.

Anyone else experience vastly different pregnancies? I’d love to hear your stories!

XO, Britt

Article Source: Baby Bump Update #1


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