A Modern Navy Boy Nursery

Modern neutral navy boy nursery | brittanyMakes

Alright folks, officially crown me as the worst interior blogger because here I am revealing a room 2 years late. 2 YEARS! My son Zano (pronounced “Z-on-o”, more about his name here in case you’re like ‘what kind of name is that’, lol) just turned 2 in May. Embarrassing delay, I tell you! in my defense, this was my first go with a nursery, and I barely had time to paint the walls before his arrival.  That being said, the evolution of this room happened slow and purposeful.

Modern neutral navy boy nursery | brittanyMakes

Now that we’re expecting kid no. 2, we need to make some changes to this space to accommodate both kids. Our home is only 2 bedrooms, but luckily the bedrooms are both a good size, fitting 2 kiddos in one room won’t be an issue.

Modern neutral navy boy nursery | brittanyMakes

The chairs were the score of a lifetime, sourced by my blog bud Shavonda. I went through three rugs before finding “the one”, which was a lucky score from Flea Market Fab’s bi-weekly insta sale. I swear, the essence of the entire room is captured in this rug! The wildebeest head was one of the first things I ever purchased as a blogger, back when the paper mâché heads were the trend.  He looks good there for now. The toy cubby was a Land of Nod hack I posted about last year. The crib is by Babyletto and sadly is no longer available, but this one is similar. And my favorite element – the 5 orb chandy! I worked with Sarah of LucentLightshop to design this chandelier when we were also designing the square orb chandelier for our kitchen (now also seen in Elsie Larson’s breakfast nook).

Modern neutral navy boy nursery | brittanyMakes

Sadly this room doesn’t get a lot of natural light. One of the changes I dream of making to this room is adding a second window to the crib’s wall, which faces the backyard. The window currently in this room is north facing and positioned in the small area between our house and our neighbor’s house. The north facing element greatly impacted what color we chose to paint the walls. We chose a dark color to embrace the drama that northern light usually places on a space. We tried white and grey, both looked too dingy. The navy on our walls is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. I’ll be carrying the navy theme over as we welcome a baby girl into this room. I think I have some great ideas for this soon to be co-ed space!

Modern neutral navy boy nursery | brittanyMakes

The globes are vintage except for the chalkboard globe, the little boy painting was a $5 flea market find, I loved these narwhals too much when I saw them and had to have them. Sadly I don’t see them online any longer. The leather baseball was a gift from my Aunt during her travels to Havana, Cuba. The wool rhino is perhaps the most adorable piggy bank in the entire world. The woven cord basket was a Target find 2 years ago. We have a matching one on the dresser which we use to hold diapers and wipes.

Modern neutral navy boy nursery | brittanyMakes

My goal is to continue to be purposeful as I consider the changes we need to make in this room to accommodate another kid. The dresser (another CraigsList score) is huge, and has been too much for one kid but will be perfect to fit clothing for two – it will most likely stay. We will be adding a big kid bed for Zano, switching up a few of the art pieces, and replacing the curtains with wood shutters. The rug will also stay.

So anyway, that’s Zano’s room as we knew it about two weeks ago! His big boy bed has arrived, and we’ve already started to shift things around as we gear up for our December baby.

If you have any tips on co-ed room sharing, please share!

xo, Brittany

Article Source: A Modern Navy Boy Nursery


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