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Everett started back to school today. I know, too soon! Where did the summer go?! I’ve been away from the online world and social media focusing on real life, and it has filled me up in so many ways. Before getting caught up in another hectic school year, I took each of the kids out on individual “dates.” It made me realize just how quickly they are growing. For a few hours time was frozen, and I cherished every minute. Even though they whine and bicker and eat a week’s worth of food in two days, my kids are funny, bright, sweet, awesome, healthy little people. Sometimes I need a reminder 😉

It’s been ridiculously hot. And dry. And yet also extremely humid? (I can’t tell you the last time I wore my hair down.) Even the best kept lawns are brown. Thankfully, the dahlia bulbs I planted in spring are hanging on despite the heat and humidity. This is the first summer I’ve had a cutting garden. It won’t be the last. Maybe I’m not a serial plant killer after all!

Steve and I slipped away to Nashville for a few days, kid-free. (Thank you for all of the eats and treats suggestions!) I swear the days were four hours longer. We stayed at the coziest backyard retreat, and it pretty much solidified my dream of living tiny as empty nesters. Every time I stay in a vacation rental, it makes me want to go home and get rid of everything but the necessities. Can you relate?

A few links because it’s been a while…

*One of the shops we visited in Nashville was burning this candle in the ash scent, and it smelled amazing. Steve even commented on it. Guys like candles? I was going to buy one, but it had just sold out. Giddy to find it online!

*I’m a loyal eggs + ketchup girl, but pesto sounds delicious.

*The homiest tiny house yet.

cozy modern 2

*I love cozy modern.

*A mix-and-match kitchen that still feels clean and tidy.

*Hands down, my favorite summer tank.

*My current soundtrack is heavy on the lady albums, new and old. (Don’t let the mariachi scare you!)

*This etsy shop makes me laugh so hard. Some of my favorites: new sponge, bathroom doorhome depot, sleeping person.

I can’t even.

images: 1-3) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 4) Ana Kamin

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