A Big Boy Bed for Zano

Modern neutral navy boy nursery | brittanyMakes

With a baby on the way and no plans to buy a second crib, we had to start thinking of a big boy bed situation for Zano. At first I considered getting him a toddler bed, but ultimately decided to pursue a twin bed mainly for the fact I didn’t want to have to go through this process again in a couple years when he’d outgrow said toddler bed. I felt if we invested in a bed now he’d essentially be set until he’s a lot older… maybe even until he goes to college! Not only did I have longevity of the bed in mind, I also had to consider having this new bed fit cohesively into this soon-to-be shared space.

My favorite, although sometimes discouraging, part of the design process is ‘the hunt’. Typically before I begin a search, the first thing I do is talk budget with my husband. This kinda helps prevent me from becoming emotionally attached to an item that is WAY outta my price range (we’ve all been there).

Antonio and I agreed a budget of around $300 for a twin bed was a good price point. With that budget in mind, (but also kind of setting that information aside), I started my hunt for the perfect twin bed.  These four topped my list for style cohesion and looks, but as you can see not all of them were within budget.

Modern & Timeless Big Boy Beds

sources, from top L to bottom R: Mid Century Acorn bed (this one goes on sale frequently, but currently it’s full price) // black steel platform bed // gray tufted bed with tapered legs // Nesttun bed from Ikea in white powder coat

It may seem backwards, but I don’t always start out searching for an item only within a said price range. I like to narrow down on the style and look of the item I want, then do a “second hunt” for finding items that are less expensive but very similar in style and form. My friend Reichel is a master at doing this.

Now, I already knew two of my top beds were within budget, but I wanted to see if I could find the other two for less, somewhere else. First, I found a very similar gray tufted bed with tapered legs.

Modern big boy bed // gray tufted with tapered legs

The Mid Century Modern Tufted bed from Overstock

Then, I also found a nearly identical bed to the West Elm Mid Century bed, for much much less!

mid century platform bed

The Alton bed from Living Spaces

Now, the computer screen shows very different colors, but the I’m pretty much convinced the Alton line at Living Spaces is the exact same line as West Elm’s Mid-Century line. Don’t be fooled by the color “cherry” on their website. As you can see in the photo below, it’s closer to a light walnut! I also noticed Living Spaces even sells those coveted dressers & nightstands you’ve seen from West Elm. I’m considering this as a replacement dresser/changing table (our current campaign dresser is too big for the room #sadface).

My favorite bed from the original plan happened to be the Mid-Century bed from West Elm, so it was a quick decision for us to move forward with the Alton bed from Living Spaces. *Please note, this post is not sponsored AT ALL.

Here’s a peek of the bed in action! Although we’re still playing musical chairs with the furniture to get the best placement…

Living Spaces Alton mid century bed // brittanyMakes

At a $300 price point it was worth taking the risk to order online without seeing it in person, although Living Spaces is popping up with showrooms so I’ve heard (there’s one an hour from me).

Do you think I nailed it or what?!

XO, Brittany

Article Source: A Big Boy Bed for Zano


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