Favorite New Stockings

I’m feeling under the weather today, I’m fighting off that first sign of a cold so I’m taking it easy. Zicam + homemade soup + hot tea has worked for me to block the onset of a cold in the past, fingers crossed I can escape this time too. I’d like to focus on something positive, like all the merry making with friends and family that will take place over the next six weeks during the holiday season.

I was browsing around the web checking out all the new holiday decor, looking for stockings that were a bit more unique or charming. (These are my favorites this year). If you’re looking for something new for your mantel or staircase, consider the ten unique and charming stockings below!



tasseled stocking / knit + fur / mistletoe felt / highland plaid / embroidered otomi (multiple colors) / mudcloth / knotted snowflake / hygge knit / pom pom monogram / watercolor botanical

*some affiliate links used

P.S. I started watching The Crown on Netflix, I’m three episodes in. It’s somewhat filling the void that Downton used to fill, though not quite 🙂 Are you watching too? Opinions so far?


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