Favorite Christmas Cookies

Hello all! This week has been crazy for me and I’m sure for you too! All that last minute rushing around to get ready for Christmas and a party this weekend. Since we’re hosting a few friends at our house on Sunday I’m busy baking up some favorite cookies on Friday.

I try not to bake most of the year but at Christmas I don’t hold back. Everyone loooooved these Sea Salt Caramel Fudge last year, and they package well for gifts so I’ll be making these again.


Lime Snowball cookies are a refreshing twist on the classic Mexican Wedding cookie and another favorite of mine.


These Apricot Almond Shortbread cookies are the ones my friends love to nosh on so I’ll be making them too.



I also baked these Almond Joy Cookies by Time Out Mom this week and they were a huge hit so I’m planning on making more for the get together.


I’m looking for one more great cookie to bake and share this weekend, something new and tasty, and I’d love to know what your go to favorites are. If you’d be so kind to recommend your favorite in the comments, I’d love it!!


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