Weekend Reading

I spent most of yesterday putting the finishing touches on the community living room and kitchen spaces for the transitional house for veterans in partnership with my local Committee on the Shelterless. I’ve been working behind the scenes with this non-profit for years, and yesterday was move in day so the team finished the house just as the veterans were arriving. It is the best feeling hearing the “wow”s and seeing the smiles when they move in to the home. I’ll be sharing some pictures of the living room and kitchen makeover in the coming weeks.

Confession. I still haven’t cleaned up Christmas. I feel like the last person on earth! I’m under the gun because the pickup tree service comes tomorrow so this evening I’ll be taking down my tree. The garlands and ornaments will be packed away tomorrow then I can finally look at purging the house of the excess that built up over the holidays. I purge seasonally so next week my focus will be on cleaning out those drawers and closets once more. This week has been so lazy for all of us but the kids go back to school next week and that’s when I feel like I can be more productive again with a routine in place.

I agreed to Dry January along with a few friends and I’m one week in, but it’s killing me. I miss my nightly glass of wine! I will persevere and make it to the 31st but if any of you have any recommendations for low calorie, refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages you love to sip on, I’d love some recommendations!! This one is already on my list. Favorite links from the week below:


Thanks Domino for including me among the best budget decorating blogs!

We’ll see more of these 2016 design trends continue this year.

Great tips on how to mix and match nightstands.

I guess I’m not well read but these are the books to read to earn that title.

Loved National Geographic’s best photos of 2016.

Things to do on a plane when you’re bored.

The year of hygge and yes to more of it!

Mmmmm, energy boosting breakfast toasts!

My feelings exactly: loved this article on digital minimalism.



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