Weekend Reading

Hello and happy Friday! We were pummeled with storms for a week here in Northern California but thankfully we’re catching a break with a few days of blue skies. Tonight I’m off to celebrate the birthday of a very good friend, and tomorrow I think I’ll sneak away to the movies, there are a few I want to see.

On Monday, I’m excited to share the budget kitchen makeover I designed in partnership with my local Committee on the Shelterless, that’s coming your way next week, you’ll love it! Favorite links below:


Now this is one dreamy condo.

I love Cristin’s black and white powder room makeover.

20 lessons from a bathroom renovation.

All the different ways to cover French doors.

The many uses for silica gel (don’t throw those packets away!)

Adding Marrakesh to my growing “places to travel” list.

Great list: 23 travel carry on must haves.

So creative: DIY fabric clay planters.

Winter beans and greens!

10 chili recipes to keep you warm.

11 things to know about sugar in your diet.

I completely agree with this.



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