Greenery as Art

Hey everyone, thanks so much for the kind words on my last post. I’m so proud of that kitchen remodel! I stated I pulled out one upper cabinet to leave room for a wall of tile but I wanted to add a small piece of art there to balance with the window and add a dash of color.

Botanicals are no fail art solutions, everybody loves them and in addition to real plants, botanical art helps to bring the outdoors in. I also used leaf prints in this powder room makeover for the same reasons.

In the kitchen I featured this week I hung a simple leaf print. I downloaded it from Epherica Art on Etsy, and printed it for $1.50 at my local Fed Ex/Kinkos, then framed it and hung it on the wall (there’s a small screw in the grout).



Tropical plants are everywhere in interior decor, so is that bohemian vibe created with groupings of leafy plants. In addition to plants, layer your home with greenery as art too! Some favorites below:




from top left: cactus 1 / eucalyptus / fiddle leaf fig / bursting / palm leaf blush background / exotic jungle leaves / watercolor banana leaf / palm leaves / cactus 2 / spring branch / botanical leaves / jungle vibes / tropical leaves / botanical with blue background


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