Weekend Reading

The week went by so fast I could barely catch my breath. I had my little nephews at my house (1 and 3) so my brother could escape with a wine country getaway. I was reminded how hard it is to have toddlers, you can’t get anything done! I don’t miss that stage 🙂

I’m off to the snow for the weekend, I haven’t been to the mountains this season yet so I’m looking forward to spending some time up in the beautiful Lake Tahoe region, sharing a cabin with some good friends for the weekend.

I’ve subscribed to the notion of slow blogging this month. I’ve noticed several other bloggers are slowing down too, so together let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief. I thank you for your patience with me, that I’m not posting as regularly as I have done in the past. I no longer believe in posting just because I *should* especially when I’m not feeling inspired or have nothing to say that day. I’m not going away, I love my little corner here on the web but I’m just slowing down. I feel the same as I did last year, purposefully choosing absence, and it feels good for me right now. I’m sure spring will bring more energy and inspiration as it always does.

Behind the scenes I’m spending more time with friends, learning to play the guitar, and I’m also taking some classes to become a certified kitchen and bath designer. Having a career in design and maintaining a blog is a marathon, not a foot race, so I’m pacing myself because I know I’ll be at this for decades to come, should I be so lucky.

Favorite links from the week below:


Classic meets modern in this brownstone renovation.

10 beautiful bathroom renovation ideas.

How to paint kitchen countertops to look like marble.

A comparison of gold spray paints.

A Downton Abbey inspired wedding (that location!)

Food for thought: words to ban from your vocabulary.

A great article on how to pack small for two weeks of travel.

Also, how living abroad can improve your life.

Enjoy your weekend!


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