Modern Mountain Homes

I just returned from a trip to the mountains and wherever I go I’m always checking out the local architecture. We stayed in a little chalet that had rustic wood paneling and some kitschy decor, but it was cozy and warm and a nice retreat for a few days.

Mountain homes can be predictable in style with their stone fireplaces, wood beams, and iron fixtures. Their timber frame exteriors allows for pitched roofs that can manage snowfall, and soaring ceilings to take in the amazing views. Well designed mountain homes blend in with the local landscape, and don’t compete with the beauty of their natural surroundings.

Contemporary meets rustic in the homes featured below, I rounded up six remarkable ones that capture the mountain style but also incorporate modern elements inside. Click through the links to tour the entire home!

This ski home in Big Sky, Montana showcases beautiful combinations of natural stone walls with rustic doors and beams.



on site management


These two bathrooms in this home share a medley of wood tones, textures, and stains. Beautiful contrast is created by partnering raw organic doors and timber ceilings with semi gloss stained wood floors.




peace design



Not every mountain home need be wood and stone from top to bottom. White furnishings and cabinetry mix well with classic stone and wood beams in this Montana home.



locati architects


This home in Aspen features multiple fireplaces with stone chimneys. The wood frame windows and sleeker wood ceilings add warmth to white walls.



charles cuniffe architect

Yes you can partner contemporary light fixtures and furnishings with mountain style, like in this home where modern shapes are paired with a rustic ceiling, beams, and stone walls.



locati architects


Modern lighting and art are also present in this Tahoe home. The diaconal plank walls add interest to the dining room, and the stone fireplace and timber beams are quintessential mountain home style.



jeff andrews design

I love all of the rustic finishes in these homes nestled in the mountains, when mixed with a few modern touches they are warm and welcoming in every way.



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