Colorful Table Lamps

Sad situation here. One of the two navy blue glass lamps I had up in my studio got knocked over and (insert sad emoji) shattered on the back side. I loved these lamps so much, the shape, the matte finish, the lucite bases. That combination made them the favorites in my home. I still have one but I believe bedside lamps look best when they match especially when the nightstands are different. So I went looking for a pair of new ones to replace them.

Now that the new floors are in, I’m planning on doing a little redecorating in anticipation of renting the space out on the weekend to wine country visitors. I haven’t found the perfect replacement yet, but this one is a close contender.



Like a throw pillow, colorful table lamps are an eye-catching way to add a dash of color to a console, side table, or nightstand.


green alcove / faceted table lamp

More colorful favorites for your consideration:


wexler (multiple colors / montag green (multiple colors) / modern one coral / pink column / timsbury / piper navy / safavieh red / robert abbey emerald / jamie young tall blue / banded hourglass / green gourd / leather little neck (multiple colors)

For many more options, visit this article on my favorite sources for affordable lighting.

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