New Favorite Etsy Shops

Greetings friends! The storms continue here, I’ve been hiding indoors just waiting for all this rain to stop. I’m over it and craving some sunshine! All these rain clouds make me melancholy, do the clouds affect you in this way too? I end up spending more time online in this weather looking at random things. In the past few weeks I’ve discovered a few new shops that I like very much on Etsy. I love supporting small businesses founded by creative people specializing in a craft.

I discovered Nancy Knight Art and am having a hard time narrowing down which prints to purchase, I have my eye on these two prints below, abstract landscapes are my favorite style of art, it’s hard to choose!



Looking for a unique brass sconce? Check out both Worley’s Lighting and DL Designworks!



I never get tired of gold and white together. And you can never have too many little plants scattered around the house! Loving the planters in Marissa Grana and Avisha Michael’s shops. Imperfect gold stripes are my jam.



My stepdaughter moved into a little cottage in San Diego and she loves the boho look of woven wall hangings so as a move in present I bought her one she chose from Marissa Angela Forisso. Also take a peek at Teddy and Wool, that show has several pretty patterns if you’re into macramé.



I bought two rings from Holy Land Jewelry a few weeks ago. I wanted something to wear on my middle fingers so I bought this ring and this ring. Check out the shop there are hundreds of pretty gold and silver rings at great prices.



What Etsy shops do you recommend or love right now?

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