Blush Pink + Happy Galentine’s Day

I hadn’t heard of Galentine’s Day until this year (where have I been?) but I love the idea! How cool to dedicate a day to celebrating the ladies in your life! Followed up by a day dedicated to sweethearts.

In honor of both days, today’s spotlight is on the color blush pink. I think of it as a neutral, it pairs well with so many colors and looks really lovely with metallics. To avoid the saccharine sweetness attributed to little girls, the trick is to steer clear of bubble gum pink and opt for something that is more muted or closer to pale apricot.

Blush pink is soft and romantic, and brings to mind images of rose petals and pale pink peonies. Perfect for creating a retreat in a bedroom with a feminine feel.


laura lee home


via decorpad


bows & sequins



livet hemma

Adding charcoal or navy or brown into the mix balances the feminine and flirty qualities of blush.





adam hunter


amber design group


anneli bush



And what could be more charming than a pink door?


elsie larson instagram


design sponge



Happy Galentine’s Day to all the girls – show the ladies in your life some love today!


the big lake



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