Weekend Reading

Hello friends! Thank you for all the kind comments on the bathroom post earlier this week, I’m really love how it turned out! #bringingbrownback 🙂  Today we’re putting the finishing touches on the galley kitchen that I designed in partnership with a local non-profit that I volunteer for, I’ll be sharing that transformation very soon!

Also I’m preparing to travel to Australia next week. I’ll be out of the country for 9 days visiting my cousins who live down under. I look forward to escaping the rainstorms here in Northern California and enjoying the sunshine and sights that Melbourne and the Gold Coast have to offer. I have a few posts scheduled while I’m away, and I’ll be sharing some scenes on Instagram too.

Favorite links from the week below!


A few decorating tricks to get that designer look.

Renovation dos and don’ts.

This tile had me at hello.

A stunning cottage kitchen makeover.

Stylish home decor now available at… Home Depot?!

Single all her life and she rarely gets lonely. Bravo girl.

Also, 10 ways to keep your marriage strong.

Funny and true:  5 cynical marriage tips for every couple.



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