Wanderlust: Australian Home Tours

Greetings from Down Under! This week I’m hanging out with my two American cousins, they’re brother and sister and they have lived in (separate parts of) Australia for over a decade. Both are now married to Aussies and living happily in that country. Today I’m leaving my cousin Andrew after a weekend in Melbourne and I’m headed to the Gold Coast to visit my cousin Christina and to do some sightseeing in that area. Follow along on Instagram 🙂

Since I’m chasing sunshine on the other side of the world, I’m taking the rest of the week off to enjoy my 8 day vacay. I don’t believe it spending time on my computer when I’m in an exotic new place so I won’t be blogging this week, but I did want to share some really fantastic tours from homes across Australia. I hope these Aussie abodes inspire you and get you excited for warm summer breezes.

Simplicity and raw materials are on display in this inner city home renovation, I love the use of natural wood and the sophisticated pared down palette, don’t miss the black slatted fence in the rear yard, stunning!


“A Hamptons style home in Sydney with a contemporary twist!”



Tour this beachside home in a coastal township in Victoria, it combines cedar paneling and salvaged finds.



Visit a light and bright apartment just steps from famous Bondi Beach in Sydney.



Modern but decorated with traditional nostalgia, this Victoria country home possesses so much charm you can see yourself spending many lazy days on the property.



Such a lovely medley of color and pattern in this family friendly abode, how beautiful is the combination of navy and copper? Swoon.



I return on Friday with some favorite links from the week, no doubt their will be plenty since I’ll be catching up on my favorite blogs and sites on the long flight home. Also I photographed the kitchen remodel that I designed in partnership with a local non-profit. That’s coming up next week. 🙂



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