Weekend Reading

Finally it’s a beautiful weekend here in Sonoma County. The sun is out so I’m off to the seed store to pick out a few greens to plant this season, it’s time to get those seedlings started! I’m meeting a friend for a wine date later today and tomorrow who knows, perhaps an afternoon spent among the mustard flowers at a winery. Spring in the Wine Country is always lovely. As long as the sun is shining I know I’ll be outdoors.

Favorite links from the week below:


I love every inch of this elegant yet cozy home in Toronto.

Suzanne always does traditional so well.

Bree’s spring home tour is lovely!

Trendy and fun DIY: copper and wood mirrors.

Women trainers showing there’s no such thing as a perfect body.

My new favorite summer shorts. xo

This lingerie brand’s model is in her 50s – yes!

My friend Kathleen just introduced me to side hustle school, inspiring!

Another friend’s daughter is a skateboarder in this book, it’s a good one.

Also, I listened to how to raise brave girls this week, some great tips there.


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