Modern White Planters

Raise your hand if you’re over winter? Yep, me too. With the time change I’ve got a full case of spring fever, and this week my focus is on plants and flowers. I started some little seedlings in pots in anticipation of a small garden this year.

With the time change, I was feeling restless and started making a to do list of spring chores. It quickly overwhelmed me so I went for a walk in the sunshine, and later stopped buy the local store to buy a few spring flowers, they always cheer a space up. I have a love for white shapely things and just bought two faceted vases at Michaels, I like vessels with a texture or an interesting geometric shape.








I’ve managed to keep a traveler’s palm alive for a few months, it’s hiding in a plain planter on a stool behind the chair, but since it’s thriving, I’m going to let it come out from the shadows and buy it a new plant stand.



I found a few good looking modern or shapely white planters online, below are more favorites.

sea urchin planters


white loom planters


fluted planters


cubico resin planter


tabletop stand planters

white spikes planters


modern quad base planters


mid century plant stands


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