Weekend Reading

Hello friends, whatcha up to this weekend? Tomorrow morning, I’m driving a group of my fitness buddies to the Tough Mudder in Sacramento. I’m just a spectator for the event but perhaps they’ll inspire me to give it a go next year! 🙂

Sunday I’m flying to Vegas for a few days, I’m overseeing the kitchen cabinet installation and appliance delivery on the flip house and narrowing down my backsplash tile options. Gotta finish that house!

Favorite links below:


The Spanish tile in this kitchen is so pretty!

I love the mix of modern and traditional in this mostly white home tour.

You’ve seen Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s island home right? Wow.

This is a lovely outdoor scene and a fab DIY stenciled cement patio.

Selling your house? Make more money by painting your bathroom this color.

Don’t miss the new cheerful blue kitchen cabinets in this remodel.

Another favorite black + white remodel of a kitchen and dining room.

These DIY fabric pool floats are so fun!

Ireland is at the top of my travel list, and now so is this cottage.

15 words to eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter.

13 women who made travel history (love the illustrations).

7 lessons to teach daughters.


Have a fantastic weekend friends!


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