Bold Geometric Floor Tile

Hello my lovely friends, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I was looking back through comments on the blog and realized oh no, I never responded to several requests to round up geometric floor tiles as an alternative to the tile I used in my hall bathroom makeover. The geometric tile in that space adds such a wow factor, I really love it, but like many of you I was disappointed to learn that it was discontinued. 😦



So… to achieve a similar look with a bold geometric tile, I rounded up a few alternatives to get the look! Here are a few inspiration images with links to those tiles, and also a grouping of available geometric patterned tiles I would use to make a dramatic statement on the floor.



heart pattern


diamond pattern


marble square repeat


1. black and white diamond  2. blue geo (custom colors available)  3. grey diamond 

4. cadiz diamond (custom colors available)  5. blue quatro   6.  star grey  

7. elegance luxe  8. blue diamond   9. geometrica   10.  tunis


The encaustic cement tile look is still going strong and you can find many affordable cement look tiles in a less expensive porcelain. These also make such an impact on a floor, whether it’s a patio, sunroom, or bathroom. If you desire a look that includes the swirl motifs found in encaustic cement tile, see this post on getting the cement tile look for less.




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