Weekend Reading

Hello friends! This weekend I’m in Idaho at the Mountain Home Country Music Festival. I’m also visiting some of my family here in Boise. This is my first visit and I’m loving it, what a charming city!

I’m disappointed that I missed Keith Urban’s performance last night, they canceled it due to an unexpected lightning storm, I’m so sad! I was looking forward to seeing him for months 😦 I’m headed home late Sunday and then it’s back to work. Is there anything I should see while I’m in Boise this weekend?

Favorite links from the week:


Loved the spaces in this home tour.

So fun, this speckled wallpaper.

Hmm, interesting. Annoying things tourists do that locals hate.

What Airbnb hosts wish guests knew.

On my places to travel list: these 14 American road trips.

How cool! This street artist’s work.

Mindfulness, gratitude, and other happiness traits.

The best places to watch August’s solar eclipse.

Made me laugh: this and this.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer weekend!





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