Weekend Reading

Weekend greetings from Norway! I’ve been out and about spending time in Oslo and the neighboring suburbs, seeing things I didn’t see last time I was here. I’m traveling with a friend who lives here in Norway several months out of the year, so it’s nice to have a companion familiar with the area and the language. Although most Norwegians do speak English so there really is no language barrier here, and the people are all extremely kind.

It’s cold of course and yesterday it snowed, but I’ve been fine with my parka and boots. Just like in other snowy climates, people just go about their business and stay really cozy! I’ve been offline mostly, but popping in to share a few favorite links, here you go.

“Scandi meets mid century modern” living room makeover.

Suburban kitchen transformed.

This light and bright Hamptons home renovation feels very fresh.

Smart changes in this modern bathroom makeover.

This wallpaper looks just like tile.

Life lessons from Dolly Parton.

Travel “resolutions” to satisfy wanderlust.

Made me laugh: air travel in real life.


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