Weekend Reading

Hello sweet friends, happy summer weekend. I’ve been a keeping myself occupied with various things this past week, squeezing in extra fitness classes, trying a new art project, assembling cabinets for my DIY desk idea, and photographing a client’s kitchen that I helped shape as her design consultant. I’ll have that space to share with you this week, it’s quite a transformation.

In entertainment news, I am binge watching The Paradise on Netflix, so far I love it, I just started Season 2. It’s a well done BBC series with great characters and a good storyline.

I’m also enjoying the lull of late July, with the whirring of the fan coaxing me to sleep at night, and the sunlight poking through the blinds waking me up instead of an insistent alarm clock. It’s a blissful time of year before the routine of a school schedule returns, and I’m soaking it all in. The early morning hustle will be here all too quickly.

Favorite links:


This may very well be the most photogenic hotel in the desert.

A Georgia home designed for hospitality in a black & white palette.

Cool DIY: this quilt pattern painted floor.

Who else feels this way about young boys and gaming?

No company required: 21 ideas for things to do by yourself.

Change one word you utter to change your attitude.

10 European train routes that are faster than flying.

Road trip idea: sampling the best BBQ in every state.

One couple visited every national park, and rates them all.




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