Weekend Reading

Leaves are beginning to fall from the trees in my town. It finally felt like autumn this week so I brought out a few white pumpkins and some scented candles and scattered them around the house. This weekend I’m busy on a fireplace makeover project, and I’m picking out the floor tile for the two bathrooms at the flip house in Las Vegas from some samples I’ve had shipped. I hope to have the fireplace makeover complete to show you next week.

I wrote last weekend that I was taking a motorcycle safety course and the good news is I passed it and also my written exam at the DMV. As an early birthday present, I bought myself a 150cc Vespa for riding around town, it was delivered today so I’ll be taking it out on a ride around the neighborhood. I’m really excited about my new toy, it’s something I’ve wanted for many years and now it’s real!

Favorite links/projects below:

succulent airplant wreath pottery barn

Perfect for fall: a front door display using succulents.

A beautiful home decorated in a black and white palette.

Love this layered little boy’s room.

A smart way to add privacy to front door sidelights.

Everything you wanted to know about butcher block countertops.

Simple and charming: DIY clay bowl.

I wish I could crochet cause I’d totally make this for my nephew.

One pot burrito chicken and rice (looks delish).

A love story: when you meet your soulmate on the subway (aw).


Have a great weekend!


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