Trendspotting: Still Life Floral Wallpaper

Hello friends! What a crazy weekend it was with parties and events galore, I had to take Monday off just to chill and get my groove back 🙂  I’ve just a few little things to pick up before Christmas arrives and I still have to wrap all my gifts but I’m feeling pretty prepared so I intend to enjoy the twinkle lights and peppermints and all the other seasonal fun happening now until the end of the year.

Rather than more holiday related decor, today I wanted to take a peek at a trend I’ve spied popping up in the past year. It seems still life floral wallpaper is a thing. It’s everywhere from residential spaces to commercial studios and it makes for a striking focal point as a backdrop or accent wall. To me it feels like we’re looking at an enlarged oil painting, and these prints are a fresh approach to a throwback bouquet of old world like blooms.


dear designer


rue mag


glitter guide


danielle colding


rue mag


ad magazine


ashley woodson bailey


house of Brinson


sarah sherman Samuel


front + main



Capture the look with wall murals found in this Etsy shop and this Etsy shop, or shop for wallpaper at Ellie Cashman Design and Ashley Woodson Bailey.

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